We are planning to continue the certificate verification, eligibility checking and registration process online. Therefore the candidates are requested to submit the softcopies (pdf format or any other standard image formats) of the following documents/certificates to google form (The link is provided separately) on or before 14th June 2021.

1.     Birth Certificate
2.     G.C.E (O/L) Certificate (All Attempts)
3.     G.C.E (A/L) Certificate (All attempts)
4.     School Leaving Certificate
5.     National Identity Card
6.     GS Character Certificate

7.     Service Certificate
8.     Stamp Size Photo

9.     Any other relevant documents

Candidates who successfully send the above documents, will be informed for the Zoom meeting after 15th June 2021 with the link.

If the candidate fails to attend the meeting on the day, he/she will not be given another chance. If the candidate is eligible for the course, he/she will be requested to register for the course on another day. Therefore, they are requested to arrange the following payments and wait for the next email.

1. Library Deposit Charges – Rs. 250.00
2. Student ID Fee – Rs. 200.00

3. Course fee – Rs. 18,000.00 for the first semester

The registration will be confirmed only after submitting the original documents and only after completing the payments.

The Google Form Link –


NOTE: Candidate List is attached here. We have already sent an email to the candidates regarding this. Suppose the email address given by the candidate is invalid, obviously this mail will not be delivered to the candidate. Those candidates are requested to accept this notice and act accordingly. (If you have such a friend, please forward this message to him/her.)