Dear Candidate,

We will do the certificate verification, eligibility checking and registration process via online zoom meeting.

Therefore, the candidates are requested to be ready with following original documents if needed to be showed to us on 10th June 2021.

1.     Birth Certificate
2.     G.C.E (O/L) Certificate (All Attempts)
3.     G.C.E (A/L) Certificate (All attempts)
4.     School Leaving Certificate
5.     National Identity Card
6.     GS Character Certificate
7.     Stamp Size Photo

8.     Any other relevant documents

If the candidate fails to attend the meeting on the day, he/she will not be given another chance. But if you provide any valid reason, we can arrange another date for you.

If the candidate is eligible for the course, candidate needs to make the below payment.

1.     Library Deposit Charges – Rs. 250.00
2.     Student ID Fee – Rs. 200.00

The registration will be confirmed only after submitting the original documents and only after completing the payments.

NOTE: Candidate submitted Google form sheet List is attached here with your Interview Time. We have already sent an email to the candidates regarding this. Suppose the email address given by the candidate is invalid, obviously this mail will not be delivered to the candidate. Those candidates are requested to accept this notice and act accordingly. (If you have such a friend, please forward this message to him/her.)

If You need any clarification or complaints regarding this, So please don’t hesitate to conduct us :

                                    Director : 0778641182 /

                                    HOD in IT : 0776758188

                                    Assistant Registrar : 0714483388

                                    IT Admin : 0773687797



Meeting ID: 987 1375 8320       Passcode: 8aS879

We have enabled waiting room for this meeting. So if you see a message like this you have to wait until we approve to enter you in, for the meeting.

 So, we will approve one by one to conduct interview. So please be kind enough to wait for your turn. Do not Leave the meeting until you have finished it successfully.

So wait until we accept you to enter into the meeting.

Before Entering Meeting – Your Zoom Meeting Name need to be as your Reference Number.

Eg : If your reference number is : BAT/20/IT/1254 Then you can give name as BAT/20/IT/1254 or BAT-20-IT-1254 or BAT 20 IT 1254. So please attend the meeting with your reference number. It is must.

IMPORTANT : Sometimes if power cut or meeting ended for any other failure or issues, so please click the link again and attend the meeting and wait for your turn.

Thanking You,

Director (Mr. S. Jeyapalan)